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Story – Zero plans to fall for you (Part 3)

After the call got disconnected, Daani tried reaching Adwee but found herself blocked on all social media platforms. A thought crept on her mind, what if it wasn't Adwee but Vedaa who had blocked her out.  What did she do... Continue Reading →

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Story – Zero plans to fall for you (Part 2)

Daani and Adwee fought about a lot of things on their last call... including missing birthdays, missing wedding invites and Vedaa's recurring dreams. Adwee disconnected the call when Daani called his girlfriend stupid. So tried calling him again and again...... Continue Reading →

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Story- Zero plans to fall for you

PART I Damn you Nandni, was it so hard to get? Didn't I warn you, not to call or text on this number ever? Yes, Adwee you did, and you also promised to reach out to me; that you'll stay... Continue Reading →

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Spot them and cut off!

Winters turn warm when you are surrounded by the right people who love you and care for you. Though sometimes, summers are even colder, with the wrong people, sore relationships and their vibes around. So find the wrong ones in... Continue Reading →

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Break the description!

One after the other, every day she picked up a new novel. She kept flipping through the pages, but never completed them. Just half way through the book she appeared frustrated and irritated and so she tossed them back. Was... Continue Reading →

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13 Happiness Hacks

Are you mad at life? Do you feel life isn't treating you well? Is it that phase where you feel nothing is going right? Let's do something about it! Guys if you stop here, you might miss on to something... Continue Reading →

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It’s all irrelevant if you are ***

via Daily Prompt: Irrelevant Their intellectual level is irrelevant to us. Their skills and the immense talent they possess is irrelevant to us. Beauty of their heart is irrelevant to us. Their feelings & emotions are irrelevant to us. Their... Continue Reading →

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Kiss of Betrayal – 2nd myth of kissing series busted

Hey remember anonymous from my last post?👉 Kiss’n’Love series – 1st myth busted So, was it to your liking? Did you find sense in it? Nevertheless, I am back with yet another kissing blog (yes.. so obsessed I am with kissing)😍😘... Continue Reading →

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Lovingly I often fail to express or show, I often let it go, I often forget to celebrate it, I often miss the need to acknowledge, I often take it for granted, I often fail to say this, But this... Continue Reading →

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Yun jo khichha chala aata hu mai teri taraf rozaana, be-aabroo sa, islie nahi ki tu husn ki bemisal bala hai, bas yun samajh le jo maikhaano ko bhi maat de, teri ankhon mei wo ajab sa nasha hai. Hey guys, its... Continue Reading →

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That dance!

Like every other story, this story is about a boy (Siddhart) and a girl (Kirat) who are very good friends, and even here, our cute boy is secretly in love with the girl. So last Christmas night, something unusual happened, when... Continue Reading →

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Words are the most powerful weapon, they can make or break men, relationships, associations and countries. So choose your words wisely, and when you do; mean them.

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