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Hello readers,

We, human beings love to express our self, at least on a few occasions we want to pour our hearts out.

We all want someone to listen to us.. but hard as our luck,not everybody is gifted with that amazing bunch of people around who have the patience to hear us happy,crying,angry or just stupid for that matter.So we have this amazing thing called BLOG… where anyone and everyone is free to write down what they matter what we write or how bad we write..but we do write!

So do not shy away.. leave your inhibitions, just like I did and get motivated to write.Yes, I feel we all can be great writers if not Great Shakespeare because every human being has an opinion of their own, who bothers to check whether the world is even asking for their opinion or not, but they provide it for free.. isn’t it?

Haven’t we all done that at least once in our free advises to people even if not asked for.

If u say no, you are lying! So why not take this habit of ours, to our advantage and start penning our thoughts down?

Some get motivated by a lover, some by loneliness or fear and anger.Some want to write to claim of fame and some just to get a name.. some write to bring a change while some to record what has already changed.
But what matters in the end is that finished Ink and thousand letters in the chain.

And so here I am, giving my thoughts and ideas a platform to be written and read.

Word press, hope we share a long-lasting and wonderful relationship together!