Early morning when they meet on the fort’s roof, they both look scared..fear of being caught may be!
He is wary of the others around but can’t stop himself from kissing her, as he takes a step ahead, she resists, twisting her neck away. And that seems enough to turn get him mad. Its been 2 weeks since they last met, he is dying to love her but as usual she plays a spoil sport.
Annoyed and aghast, he goes away a little but then love strikes back, he tries persuading her again. Deprived of love as even she was, she fails to resist and joins him in the overflowing love..they kiss madly with all passion still tracking all the activities around (in their conscious). Oh, how lovely they look! A bucket full of treat invites them but hunger for love takes over all the luxuries. As soon as they felt a stroke of air pass by they got apart, as strangers turn on each other’s back. But as soon as the sense of security returned their beaks meet back to exploit thy love. Though no time together ever will leave them content, but with relishing memories the love ends. The cuddling pair of pigeons depart.
Yes, it sounds surprising but still is true even birds are alert of their whereabouts, they get scared in love and feel separation pain, even they belong to a society where love is feared