It starts with a trailer
With bigger damages in the end,
Rare it makes the traitor repent

Apart from love are many feelings for sure,
Jealousy is an emotion just so pure
Insecurity,hurt,humiliation & rage,
Fear of replacement lures the bait to the cage

With a dark ditchy shade begins the jealousy game.
Broken dreams & shattered hearts are the claim to fame.
Players of betrayal,hatred,envy & rage

Despite the achievements,it leaves us aloof,
Can’t you see what all it makes us do?

Successful enemy or a rich friend,
Sibling rivalry or love letters in the hand,
Rat race to conquer,or is it in the looks
What drives jealousy is still undefined in the books..

From the acid attacks to the century of wars
From orphan kids to marriages ending with unexpected pause,
Jealousy remains the undefeated lord & cause.
Men or women for none is abstained,

From prolonged years;has Queen jealousy reigned,
Demise of jealousy still remains
Get rid of thoughts wicked,malicious & false
Let love be the king for once & all.

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