via Daily Prompt: Mistake

It’s often said, every mistake you make is a progress, sign that you are trying.

But is that true in every sense?

Slapping your wife
Cheating on your partner
Bitching about your best friend
Beating someone up in anger
Passing lewd comments at a stranger
Stealing from your loved ones
Abusing animals

Are these really a mistake?

Sorry I fail to see any signs of progress through these attempts. And no sorry’s can ever give you a clean chit for them, because these are not mistakes but conscious attempts.

As per, mistake certainly means : error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc.
2.a misunderstanding or misconception.
verb (used with object), mistook, mistaken, mistaking. regard or identify wrongly as something or someone else: understand, interpret, or evaluate wrongly; misunderstand;misinterpret.

Before accepting someone’s actions under the tag of mistakes and grant forgiveness just double-check do they justify any of the above conditions?

It’s high time we call someone’s shallow doings as mistakes
sometimes those doings do not have any forgiveness
because the damage is a lot
that faith or trust is lost,
the moment to correct it is missed,
pain becomes unbearable,
people you wanna say sorry to are gone,
love you wanted to regain has died,
the time to rectify things has passed.
Last but not the least, no matter how hard you try,

sometimes what is broken is beyond repair.


So, choose your mistakes wisely, not everything leads to progress ; some lead to a dead-end.