Might turn out sweet
bitter or sour
a fruit every friendship bores,
Unlike a glass of old french wine
priceless it is said
as the bond ages, what a saga but not in pages.Take me up for re-known or pull me down,
For I seek your hand to place the crown,
your wisdom and wise I trust upon.
Believe in me & I shall be yours till death,
still all yours when no lover’n’kids are left
friendship got no valuation in bucks
it comes to those only with greater luck

Don’t hold my hand far too tight, lemme breathe my space
else i cringe inside,
Loosen the noose too much for my size
eyes wander for new in sight
and it never fits back, the same way right!

Crush thy faith or ditch my soul
and then never returns to you
a heart of gold,
Lets build new or repair the old
but what is lost once is never found,

Give green dollars or thousand  pounds
Honesty, love, faith yet no secret sounds
are the basic rules of the ground.