1. When your food finally comes to the table
  2. Shiny wrappers and packages called gifts
  3. Playing with bubble wraps
  4. A baby smiling at you with a huge grin
  5. When the weighing scales shift towards the left
  6. Laughing; just belly laughing about anything, anytime, with anyone
  7. Earthy aroma after a fresh pour
  8. Unexpected compliments
  9. Passport stamps
  10. Game you play when the family is together
  11. A seat in the metro
  12. Grandparent’s stories
  13. Parents romancing coyly
  14. When someone pens down ’10 things i love about you’
  15. Outfits which fit you like second skin
  16. Bosses and teachers on leave
  17. Musty smell of old books in attics
  18. Big scoop of nutella on your bread
  19. Warm bear hugs
  20. Pizzas loaded with extra cheese and oregano
  21. Handwritten letters
  22. Dogs wagging tails
  23. When the guy at the counter gets your coffee/subway right
  24. The cold side of the pillow
  25. That first kiss