He belongs to you, only in your thoughts sometimes.                 Thy love you rejoice, is a lost story of old times.

He belongs to you, only in his jokes sometimes.                               Cause your heart pulls just a part of his, his heart is on a new ride.

He belongs to you, is what you want to hear.                                       But the track you love to play, is from old times.

He belongs to you, you want to feel it too.                                             Cause you fail to see, he has moved on in life.

He belongs to you, together you see the future of two.                         But in his future talks, he doesn’t mention you.

He belongs to you, you throw him a hint too.                                     But you just don’t acknowledge, he hasn’t boarded the same flight.

He belonged to you, coz darling belongs is a lie.

There are times in life when we try to hold on to someone or something when it is already late. Either the moment is lost, thing or person has gone,or that love is lost. We realise its importance when it is taken away from us, and then comes the hard time and that’s why I said “He belonged to you, belongs is a lie.”