Like every other story, this story is about a boy (Siddhart) and a girl (Kirat) who are very good friends, and even here, our cute boy is secretly in love with the girl.

So last Christmas night, something unusual happened, when they were together at a friend’s flat party.

Excitement was subsiding slowly, energy levels gone down. After a crazy dancing session, couples were dancing, at a soft romantic number by Enrique Iglesias – Hero

Would you dance if I asked you to dance?
Or would you run and never look back..

And siddhart couldn’t stop himself from asking kirat for a dance.

Tracing her all the way through his eyes, without saying a word Sid put his hand forward asking her if they could dance.

Kirat had very casually let her hand slip in his.

And with the beats playing.. Sid held Kirat’s hand in his own…putting his right hand on her waist, his hand trembling a little. Surprised Kirat looked into his eyes with a question..but she didn’t stop him. They kept moving in small steps, making circles..swaying their bodies with the rhythm. Both of them were amused at how each others touch felt different today. It wasn’t the first time they held hands or were that close but it wasn’t the usual today. Still grooving he pulled her in for the next move,  and his grip tightened some more at her waist. Instantly Kirat pulled her breath, sensing  how close they both were now.. making no talks.. no efforts to communicate but still conveying something, breathing heavy..experiencing an awkwardness which was never before.

As it was getting more intense and uncomfortable around..Kirat made an excuse of waving at someone, she tried retrieving her hand from Sid’s, to leave. Sid could feel those delicate long fingers slipping from his hand in the air.. Kirat left without uttering a word, while he stood there with a grin on his face..coming close to the fact that he had finally dropped a clue to Kirat about his feelings…and watching Kirat leave suddenly, his heart was sure that even Kirat felt something today.

While, on the other hand Kirat came out in the balcony…the night was getting darker and the moon shinier, sprinkling its silver shimmer on every heart n soul. With her hands around her arms, head full of soundless buzz..she stood there gazing at the moon..

What just happened back there?

Was it what I think it is or just a stupid thought crossing my mind?

Why did that dance feel so.. so different with wasn’t the first time I held his hand..but then why my heart skipped a beat the moment we came close…why did a current.. a sensation went through me as soon as he touched waist..i felt so intimidated..Does he feel the same?

But wait! Why am I putting so much strain on my head..arrghh.. dunno may be its the booze effect!

Have you ever shared a dance like that,  how does it feel?