Hey , was up?
Nothing much.. just picking up some grocery for home, said Shravan struggling with the bags in his hand and the cell phone stuck between his ear and shoulder.

Twisting her hair in a roll, Aku very innocently asks shravan..’acha listen shravu, so where are you going out with aditi tomorrow?’

Aku are you trying to ditch our plan or have you really forgotten?

Unable to see figure out his expression on call but still aware that he has caught her scheming aku fumbles..’plan? we? but isn’t it Aditi’s birthday tomorrow? Dude you have to meet her,  Aku said crossing her finger.

‘Arey.. she has her own plans and moreover we are meeting tomorrow’ Shravan  said with an authority in his voice.
But Shravan..
‘Aku do you have another plan for yourself?’ Shravan cuts her midway annoyingly.

Me? Oh no.. not at all, I just thought I would catch up on a play with Vivan. Its been long since I saw a play..you anyway don’t like it. Moreover, I assumed you would cancel our plan and meet aditi, so Vivan bought two tickets for the play. She said it all in one go without catching her breath, her eyebrows raised high, biting her lips by the end of it.

Oh! we see.. you don’t have any plans but you are going to watch a play with Vivan and that is the reason you think I should be with Aditi on her birthday..nice plan Akanksha, he said with a hint of sarcasm, but I don’t care if he has bought the tickets or no..we are meeting..its been long due and so you will have to miss the play.

But Shravan, he has already got the tickets yaar. We can meet day after tomorrow na pakka..she says very naively as if Shravan was looking at her.

Aku stop making those cute faces, we are on voice call and no..not even your childish tone is convincing me..dude how could you cancel on me that too with him?

Shravan was hell annoyed..so she tried hard to justify herself ‘I badly wanted to see that play and he insisted, so I got carried away shravu please yaar we’ll meet soon, pinky promise.’

Shravan disconnected the call. She tried reaching him again and again but he did not respond.
She knew somehow she would sort it with him..but for now, she was excited for the play date with Vivan.

Next day while Aku and Vivan got settled at their seats, she suddenly saw Shravan and Aditi entering the auditorium and she was shocked. She kept staring at them, they were holding hands and Shravan was heading towards them with a big mischievous smile. As if that was not all they took the seats next to Aku and Vivan.

Vivan was saying something but he knew aku wasn’t listening to him, she had her eyes transfixed at something..and when he turned his gaze in the same direction, grimace was written all over his face, it was Shravan walking in.

While Shravan was enjoying the moment..Aku’s anger writhen face  ..Vivan’s bitter looks, with all the surprise element he could gather at the moment he said, ‘small world guys!  Aditi, see who we have in the neighborhood’.

After all the forced pleasantries, they settled – Aku, Vivan, Shravan and Aditi.

Aku had never expected such a thing from Shravan, she was furious at him..how could he do this? what would Vivan think of me now? will he think I did it on purpose? I am never talking to this ass Shravan, ever again.

All her peppy energy had dried up and same was the case with Vivan, but the show must go on..and so it did.

As soon as the play took a 5 minute prep pause Shravan asked Vivan, bro would you mind swapping the seats I am feeling a bit cold here, directly under the AC vent..by the way you are totally killing it in this jacket! Isn’t it Aditi?

Vivan was enraged, but he didn’t want to show it, so with a cold thanks he said sure and swapped his seat with Shravan. Aku gave him a  ‘I will snatch your balls away’ look, while in return Shravan gave him a ‘your fault miss fancy’ look. He soon handed over a chit in her hand which read,

Yes, call me dog, call me mad, call me names but I will never let you go away from me :)’