Tick tock tick tock,
I could hear the clock ticking,
And I slowly realized
Time for it to arrive,
Silence of the night.

Finally people are off to sleep
Sleeping till alarm’s next beep
When it all comes to a stand still
No hustle, no commotion..only silence to fill.
Indicating that the silence now prevails
Which brings with it, its own fair share of quite.
And in this silence, some make love some fight.
Some are engulfed in dreams, some lost in social gatherings
Some people adore their last sleep, they finally rest in peace.

Questioning the silence, sleeping next to me, I ask would you ever speak again.
Why do you keep me sleep deprived,
puzzled with thoughts, wide awake all night?
I want your words to break the silence of the night and sing me to sleep.
Without a care in the world, with no worry and no hurry..
Close my eyes once again, drown me to sleep,

A sleep so deep, that my inner demons get no chance to speak.