And now you know, what’s in a name?


duryodhan1The ring tone was unimaginative, but the caller name flashing on the screen, priceless. Who names their child Duryodhan?
“Suraksha, can you pass my phone,” giggling, I did. The owner of the phone spoke for a minute or two and hung up, as I impatiently signaled her. In an instant, I had my answers. Duryodhan was her plumber, in fact has a younger sibling Dushasan; their parents took a fancy to these names that’s it. Unbelievable.
But before I go on, I must mention, the mistress of this phone is dear Sajni Aunty, at whose no-nonsense, no-frills salon, I was getting a head massage. Naming her ‘Sajni’ (Urdu for female companion) was visionary, for how in the world did her parents guess that she’d be running the most successful ladies parlour Haseena in this tiny corner of Delhi, where mummies, betis and potis have been loyal patrons for decades, in…

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