Bizarre.. in a span of 7 years, this was the most unusual thing Vaidehi had encountered in his case. He had moved in with them right after the death of his beloved wife. She was well aware of her father-in-law’s likes & dislikes by now. It was getting a little too much now, so instead of pondering over the thought, she asked him candidly.

Vaidehi: Why do you keep bringing the cauliflower every day?

Father-in-law: To eat it.

Vaidehi: But everyday, without fail?

Father-in-law: Yeah! coz, I want to eat it everyday.

Vaidehi: But you never liked it papa?

Father-in-law: But now I do!

And, this is how the conversation ended. She couldn’t fail noticing that her father in law had been bringing cauliflower daily from past two weeks and to add-on, while stacking the vegetables, he specifically placed the adorned vegetable with a smile.

Her kids and husband were now getting irritated with this ritual of eating cauliflower daily. And even she was, with all the piled up cauliflower in her refrigerator’s veggie basket. So next day she contemplated going with him to the supermarket.

Just like everyday, her father was busy picking the juiciest of the fruits and greenest of the vegetables, while she was observing all his actions privily. He had now reached the cauliflower counter; she was about to stop him, when she saw an old lady handing him the cauliflower coyly and instantly her father’s face lit up, his hand now extending towards that precious cauliflower. No words were exchanged, but their facial expressions and teenage like nuances explained it all.

Oblivious to it all, a smile came rushing to her face too. Now she knew why he had been looking a little pepped up all this while. She would never question him about the piled up cauliflower ever again.

That’s the thing about love. It can make you do anything. It can change you as a whole. It can recast your personality, your whole life. Its right when they say, love has no age. One is free to love or be loved at any number of life. Love knows no age, no reason, no boundaries, no sex, no race, no caste, no class, no culture, no religion, no boundaries. 

Do you also know someone who might have developed a sudden liking for something lately? If yes, try discovering their story and let me know 🙂

Love cannot be confined