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Few days back I posted a story – Story – Never let you go! it was about Akanksha and Shravan. How Shravan ruins Aku’s date and ends up pissing her. This is part two of the same story, where you would get to know why Shravan spoiled it for Aku. And how he makes up for it.

If you enjoyed my previous story – Never let you go, please  go ahead to unveil – What relationship does Shravu and Aku share? 

If you haven’t read the first part yet, go hit this link Story – Never let you go! and come back soon for part 2.

Part II – Never let you go!


AKU: Its been over half an hour. I am telling you there won’t be any more dates.

SHIREEN: He might not have seen the message yet?

AKU: Shireen, did you not see the screenshot carefully? Blue ticks!!!

SHIREEN: Baby relax!  And stop sulking, pacing back and forth won’t help. It’s probably 8 in the morning at your side, Vivan has a job 9-5 job..he could be occupied with something more important.

AKU: Yeah.. may be you are right. Okay.. so I’ll call you back if there’s an update. (with that Aku ended the Skype call)

After yesterday’s fiasco, Aku was a little pissed off..but not sure why and on whom?  Was it Shravan or his sabotaging act, that was bothering her..may be nothing at all but she knew, she had to even the score with that immodest ass. To distract herself she even tried calling her soul mate sitting in Dubai, but ended up telling her the whole story.

lost the grip

Still figuring it all out, she went to the balcony to water the plants and heard someone unlatch her main gate. In an instant she knew who it was, her eyes sparkled..she saw revenge! Let’s make it a good morning for each other. She bent forward and deliberately lost the grip of the water hose in her hand.. water went flowing down..gushing all over Shravan, who was now furiously calling out her name..he was all wet..shivering in the winter mist.

Aku suddenly felt happy and clam, she felt satisfied and was preparing herself for the thunder roll which was about to come. All her sour mood was now washed off, “literally” :p

There was a bang on the main door. She saw her mother opening the door, it was Shravan!

Arey Shravan beta..tum itna bhig kaise gaye?

Shravan pierced through Aku, and went on cribbing about what had just happened. Aku’s mother scolded Aku for her childish affairs and was now pacifying Shravan like a child of 4.

After a while, Shravan opened the door to her room and with a sulk in his tone asked, Do you have any idea where was I heading after this?  I had been invited for a TEDx talk, and you just royally screwed it all up.

invited for a TEDx talk

Shravan are you kidding me? Aku was a little anxious now.. Fuck..I am sorry Shravu, really sorry. I just wanted to teach you a lesson for spoiling my date yesterday. I am sorry…  why did you not tell me about TED?

Hahahhaaa.. Aku you should have paused to hear my answer before saying so many sorries. I was kidding about the TED talk. (And then there was silence)

You jerk.. I don’t want to see your face ever again. (Aku threw a cushion at Shravan and turned her back)

Aku’s favourite – honey chilli potato 

They are hot sizzling, crunchy spicy.

But, are you not hungry? Don’t you want some honey chilli potato? They are hot sizzling, crunchy spicy.

Aku tried resisting it for a few minutes, but eventually snatched the box of honey chilli potato from his hand.

How is it?

She twisted a little and gave a faint smile without saying a word.

Should I not be mad?

Now Shravan sat crossed leg next to her and said, see I did that because I was pissed at you for ditching me. I am back after so many months and you still gave priority to that snobbish friend of yours instead of me, your one true brother. Should I not be mad?

Sorry Shravu.. Aku said holding her ears.

Anyhow, now we are both even. And just by the way gimme that chit back, it was for Aditi  not you, by chance I ended up mixing the two chits.

Hahhaaa.. what? And what was their in my chit?

I had mentioned my TED talk in yours. Its real.. and scheduled for tomorrow at 8 in the evening. So be ready.

Oh my God! So you weren’t kidding actually. I am so excited my brother is going to give a TED talk..woohoo! And they both hugged.

And just then, there was a text on her phone, screen flashed

 VIVAN: Hey, I was in a meeting. Coffee in the evening? See you sharp at 8 tomorrow ? 

Story – Never let you go!