So, this is a story where Vandita feels old, dull and not beautiful about herself..while Rishabh her husband, acknowledges her concern, he still takes her along to an office party. What happens next is a clever game. Hop on to know more..


Envious! He felt envious looking at them, and his expressions were giving it all out. The way Raghu was twirling her around, her carefree dance moves.. that smile on her face.

After full 15 minutes she came back with him, hand in hand. ”Oh my God! I haven’t had this much fun in a long time”, said Vandita huffing & puffing.

Sir, ”your wife is such an amazing dancer and just so beautiful!” blessed you are.

“Hahahaa.. I know, lucky I am! By the way, Raghu we will take your leave now.. it’s already pretty late”, Rishabh said with a hint of sarcasm.

Oh sure! take care Vandita, see you soon Sir.

Bye Raghu dear! Please join us for dinner next week.

Vandita! ohh.. so no Ma’am, no madam.. directly Vandita, while I am still sir?

Yes.. Raghu is not just your junior anymore..he is my friend now, by the way Rishabh he is such a gentlemen.

Gentlemen? Huh! that chap, was trying to hit on you, instead of complaining to me you rather offered him dinner? Is this how nice man behave with their boss’ wife?

Hit on me? hahahaa.. Rishabh you might be forgetting that I am 53 not sweet 23. Who will be interested in hitting on an old woman. He complimented me just out of respect and affection. But honestly I feel so young, beautiful and lively today.

“Young? Just before the party, you were upset about being old with wrinkles, sagging beauty and all that stuff. And now you suddenly feel alive after a compliment, huh!” Rishabh argued.

“Yeah! but it’s not because of the compliment from Raghu, it’s because of the way my husband was feeling jealous and possessive of me even after 30 years of marriage, that is what made me feel special and beautiful, said Vandita with a calming smile.

“What? but I was not jealous. It was just…leave it. Let’s just enjoy the long drive.” Rishabh ended his words.

Later that night, Raghu received an SMS which read –

“Thanks Raghubir, She feels more confident and beautiful now. Thanks for doing everything for me. It was a great party and you were indeed an amazing host.”

“My pleasure Sir, I just followed your lead. Anything for an amazing couple like yours.” Raghubir replied.

That’s how an old man played the game of love, to make her wife feel beautiful again.