Alek : I just bought you such an expensive gift, and you are still not happy?

I give up Devika, what do you want?

Devika : You know what makes me happier than these expensive stones, a desirous look from you ; a sudden glance from you which is not full of lust but love.

To surprise me with a random call, just after our last call, and tell me how you can always keep looking at my eyes or my smile and never get bored.

A random text or mail from you while we are both at work, recreating a movie scene.

Hand out a chit to me with lines of a love song in it, just before I am about to leave.

Just look at me like I mean the world to you in that moment. I know I am not the most beautiful, but for once make me feel like I am for you.

Is it too much I ask for Alek? Is it too challenging?

It’s just not available on the streets to buy.

I don’t want your money, I want some love.

I need your care but I also need love.