Hi, I am anonymous.

I wanted to express my thoughts about a particular kissing theory that you all might have read, heard or seen but since I do not have a blog of my own, I asked greedy wild blogger to provide me her blog as a platform of expression.


Have you ever kissed someone who is not your boy/girlfriend, husband/wife or fiance? And when I say kiss I undoubtedly mean a passionate french kiss. (Even a french kiss would do, sidelining the passionate part)

In a nutshell have you ever kissed someone with whom you do not share a defined relationship? It could be a stranger, a friend, a crush, a ‘more than a friend’.

So have you? (If not, trust me you might be missing some adventure :p) Anyways, those who have; please stay with me and those who haven’t done the sin yet, kindly stick to the post, it might be of help.

We have often seen it in the movies – hollywood, bollywood or tollywood (often following the same strategies), how the two besotted lovers, friends or strangers are trying to figure out their feelings for each other and yet nothing is compelling enough to help them draw the final conclusion. However, circumstances so happen, that somehow the poor souls end up kissing each other. Now! Yes, just now is the ultimate moment of salvation. The minutes after their lips part to draw some breath, love strikes them.

See I told you, now they know, the one they just kissed is their better half and soon it’s happily ever after.

Aaaaawwwww…. how romantic is that (puppy eyes)

Floating in your memories, are you?

Bullshit!  Bullshit! Bullshit!

Open up your eyes people, how downright insane that is! Just a kiss can never tell you, if you love that person or no. These movie claims are just false.

Wouldn’t the co-actors be falling in love with each other every single time they kiss onscreen?

Do they?


So, how can it be true for you, it wasn’t true for me either. Like a naive boy, I too had fallen for this theory (guilty :/). So while I was trying to woo this girl in school, there was another girl who was trying to romance me. Let’s call them X and Y for convenience, I was after X and Y was after me. Lucky for Y, with much efforts she was successful in persuading me to love her back. So now, though I was attracted towards X, I also started feeling something for Y. Hold on, I wasn’t going to cheat, so I decided to kiss both and then decide who is my true love angel. (cheesy I know, but I was naive.. remember?) I kissed Y first and it was awkward, I had all kinds of feelings – strange, confusion, excitement, adrenaline rushing since it was my first kiss but love. We both decided against doing it again. But my happiness had no boundaries, I was happy because I knew it would strike with X.

So, with all my heart I kissed her and nothing, trust me nothing as I was expecting or imagining per the movies happened. There was no passion, no special emotion or desire consuming me, as portrayed. I was heartbroken, I thought there was something wrong with me.. I was distraught, but later when I discussed it with my other friends, many of them had similar experiences. Even during my college life, I had this discussion with my pals, some truly had a magical first kiss while some didn’t. And thus I knew, love has nothing to do with a kiss, it’s a feeling. It can hit you anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

Kiss doesn’t guarantee love. It’s a way of expressing love but does not entice love. Kiss bridges the gap between you and your loved one but just a good kiss can never guarantee life long love.

Period. These were my views, I am not trying to generalize things but just trying to clear out a misconception especially among the younger lot. I have heard of scenarios, where guys forcefully try to kiss girls thinking this way she would start developing feelings for him. So, those who read guide your younger friends the right things, do not let them be guided by wrong movie myths.

Signing off!