eHey remember anonymous from my last post?👉 Kiss’n’Love series – 1st myth busted So, was it to your liking? Did you find sense in it? Nevertheless, I am back with yet another kissing blog (yes.. so obsessed I am with kissing)😍😘

“I understand that Sneha was in a state of turmoil, but does that justify what she did? How can I ever forgive her for cheating on me?

Cheating? For God sake Yajur it was just a kiss! You can’t accuse her of cheating..she is sorry about it, she is already feeling guilty. Do not ruin your 3-year-old relationship for something she did unintentionally.

Just a kiss? Atharv, it’s never just a kiss. I can’t get over the fact, that she kissed someone apart from me? Where did I lack? Why was I made to feel like shit?

You said exactly what I wanted to convey, it’s never just a kiss, there’s always more to it.. irrespective of your drunken or sober state. But honestly Yajur? always doing the best? Where were you when she was kicked out of her job? Where were you when the very same day she lost her dog to death? (trust me.. losing a pet is bad) 

Atharv, I was occupied with office targets. I was .. I .. I was at an office dinner party when she had lost her pet.. I didn’t have an option, it was a big break. 

See, here you go Yajur, you were never there for her when she needed you. You are always stuck with your office and career, isn’t this the reason of your constant fights these days?

Yes, but I am trying..

You are a better judge my friend, she never wanted to kiss him.. but she did because she was love deprived, she needed support.. affection, and you weren’t there for her.
I am not justifying what she did, but I am trying to show you why she did that.


If you kiss someone else while you are in a relationship, no matter how intoxicated or high or sober you are, it still is cheating. Though you didn’t intend to do it or initiate it but you still kissed. Behind that kiss, is always a desire to hookup, curiosity to gauge how far the kiss might lead, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, an underlying issue in the current relationship, which is built up within and ultimately leads to an action of cheating.
You kiss because there’s 
a feeling subdued within which emerges as the opportunity strikes. 

Moving further, kisses can be categorized as Innocent, Inhibited or Guilty :

An innocent kiss usually involves getting so plastered that you lose your inhibitions when someone tries to kiss you and you return the kiss. You might feel guilty about it the next day but it wasn’t a big deal. You drank and you kissed. End of story.

An inhibited kiss involves kissing someone or being kissed by someone but, within a second an alarm rings in your head and you back off.

guilty kiss involves kissing a specific person while drunk who either has a crush on you or whom you have a crush on and then using your drunken state as an excuse for having kissed that person. Maybe you didn’t deliberately set out to kiss him or her, but you feel guilty because you harbored hidden feelings for that person. Though, you justify yourself by saying you got drunk and couldn’t help yourself.

Two set of people involved in such kisses include – guilty (saddened soul, unhappy in their relationship) & comforter (poor soul, trying to help the guilty) 

Time for truth, guilty kisser :

  1. It’s never an accident
  2. It didn’t happen in the ‘heat of the moment’
  3. It’s rarely a case of ‘it just happened, I don’t know how’
  4. No, it didn’t happen because you were drunk

Time for truth, comfort kisser :

Often, the comfort kissers is either attracted towards the guilty kisser or has a strange curiosity about kissing them. Thus,

  1. It’s either strategically planned
  2. Or a calculative move
  3. Or it’s a deliberate attempt to fulfill the hidden desire of kissing the person they crush on, to arouse feelings in them


Who are you?🤔

People often put the blame of such kisses on alcohol🍺🍻🥂🍾, but is that right?🙆 Who knows, if they were truly wasted or just making an excuse to escape the wrath of tears, blames &  consequences.

I don’t know how true this statement holds, since I do not drink but I have often heard that, regardless of being drunk, our conscience often makes us aware of our actions. It tries to hint us, at what might be right or wrong.

For those guilt mongers 😷who are contemplating whether to come out clean to their partners or no, trust me some day your partner would know. It’s up to you to decide how and when you want them to know. Is the truth worth risking what you have?

Whether Yajur should forgive Sneha and give her another chance or not, is for him to decide. It differs in every case, depending upon the situation.

Signing off, I would say, if you have been through this experience, instead of getting mad over it, try to find what prompted it to happen? What made you cheat or made your partner engage in such adultery, if everything was so right.

It’s never just a kiss, there’s always more to it.. irrespective of your drunken or sober state