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13 Happiness Hacks

Are you mad at life? Do you feel life isn't treating you well? Is it that phase where you feel nothing is going right? Let's do something about it! Guys if you stop here, you might miss on to something... Continue Reading →

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Are we really free? Is it the kind of freedom you are ready to accept?

➡️She asked you, what do you guys call momos in nepal? What? Ohh.. but that's bound to happen with your kind of looks, moreover you are selling momos, so she termed you a nepali, what' s the big deal? ➡️The... Continue Reading →

Kiss of Betrayal – 2nd myth of kissing series busted

Hey remember anonymous from my last post?👉 Kiss’n’Love series – 1st myth busted So, was it to your liking? Did you find sense in it? Nevertheless, I am back with yet another kissing blog (yes.. so obsessed I am with kissing)😍😘... Continue Reading →

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Lovingly I often fail to express or show, I often let it go, I often forget to celebrate it, I often miss the need to acknowledge, I often take it for granted, I often fail to say this, But this... Continue Reading →

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Yun jo khichha chala aata hu mai teri taraf rozaana, be-aabroo sa, islie nahi ki tu husn ki bemisal bala hai, bas yun samajh le jo maikhaano ko bhi maat de, teri ankhon mei wo ajab sa nasha hai. Hey guys, its... Continue Reading →

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Of course it is!!!

It's okay to be shy It's okay to have love handles It's okay to be the guy who loves the other guy It's okay to not look your age It's okay to love pink as a guy It's okay to laugh out... Continue Reading →

When your food finally comes to the table Shiny wrappers and packages called gifts Playing with bubble wraps A baby smiling at you with a huge grin When the weighing scales shift towards the left Laughing; just belly laughing about... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Mistake

via Daily Prompt: Mistake It's often said, every mistake you make is a progress, sign that you are trying. But is that true in every sense? Slapping your wife Cheating on your partner Bitching about your best friend Beating someone up in anger... Continue Reading →

Its time to start!

  Hello readers, We, human beings love to express our self, at least on a few occasions we want to pour our hearts out. We all want someone to listen to us.. but hard as our luck,not everybody is gifted... Continue Reading →

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