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Silence of the night

Tick tock tick tock, I could hear the clock ticking, And I slowly realized Time for it to arrive, Silence of the night. Finally people are off to sleep Sleeping till alarm's next beep When it all comes to a... Continue Reading →


Eyes have their own vocabulary.

Jo kuchh nazron se bayan hota hai Wo 'kuchh' zuban ko b jhutla deta hai. Jo kuchh nazron se bayan hota hai Wo 'kuchh' Kabhi kabhi dil ka haal hota hai. Jo kuchh nazron se bayan hota hai Wo 'kuchh'... Continue Reading →

He belongs to you?

He belongs to you, only in your thoughts sometimes.                 Thy love you rejoice, is a lost story of old times. He belongs to you, only in his jokes sometimes.      ... Continue Reading →

Its been long!

Its been long Really long Its been long since I heard you chucle. Its been long since I saw your lashes rise and fall. Its been long since I rose on my toes to hug you tight. Its been long... Continue Reading →

Desire of sleep

I wanna sleep, Sleep next to you,  not because i am scared but because i want that tender love and care..  I wanna sleep I wanna hug u tight and sleep.. Sleep with my head on ur chest..  I wanna sleep... Continue Reading →

She had nothing to say he asked,nothing she said the call got disconnected, and after a minute or two the phone beeped again and again and it beeped for a long time, words left unsaid had found a way to... Continue Reading →

Do we love a person as a whole or their face or soul? Was it the new girl or her old heart? Who was he falling for again? Was it infatuation he felt because he knew who she was, or was it love all... Continue Reading →


Might turn out sweet bitter or sour a fruit every friendship bores, Unlike a glass of old french wine priceless it is said as the bond ages, what a saga but not in pages.Take me up for re-known or pull... Continue Reading →

An emotion stronger than love ♥

It starts with a trailer With bigger damages in the end, Rare it makes the traitor repent Apart from love are many feelings for sure, Jealousy is an emotion just so pure Insecurity,hurt,humiliation & rage, Fear of replacement lures the... Continue Reading →

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