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No matter how soothing reading or writing be.. often its not what you do to enjoy a lavish vacation, fancy meal or trip abroad with your husband. Not that it doesn't pay, just that not everyone is lucky to get... Continue Reading →


He said it's high time.. you need to move on. How could I?  She made my life worth living for 49 long years, and now when it was my chance to make her feel special; my wife left me for... Continue Reading →

Story – It’s just not available on the streets to buy

Alek : I just bought you such an expensive gift, and you are still not happy? I give up Devika, what do you want? Devika : You know what makes me happier than these expensive stones, a desirous look from... Continue Reading →

Revelation 'Write a true story in less than 5 words' his latest blog post read, inviting  comments from all his followers. 'She is cheating on you', one of his  anonymous follower revealed.  

Vivid       something vivid in them   Those scintillating almond-shaped eyes,  hiding beneath your voluminous lashes have something vivid in them. Just an eye contact with you makes me go weak in my knees. I can't stop thinking,... Continue Reading →

That blush on her face..

He tried to push aside the conversation for the third time in a row,  she was anxious, it was time now: “You changed the subject." "From what?" "The empty-headed girls who think you're sexy. "What about them?" "Your thoughts about them."... Continue Reading →


​ Eyes wide open, she looked at the fan He held her hands with his own red hands You will never cry again my love, that's my promise to you And he started wiping the blood around her slitted throat.

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