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Lovingly I often fail to express or show, I often let it go, I often forget to celebrate it, I often miss the need to acknowledge, I often take it for granted, I often fail to say this, But this... Continue Reading →

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Yun jo khichha chala aata hu mai teri taraf rozaana, be-aabroo sa, islie nahi ki tu husn ki bemisal bala hai, bas yun samajh le jo maikhaano ko bhi maat de, teri ankhon mei wo ajab sa nasha hai. Hey guys, its... Continue Reading →

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Story – Never let you go! Part II

Hello readers, Few days back I posted a story - Story – Never let you go! it was about Akanksha and Shravan. How Shravan ruins Aku's date and ends up pissing her. This is part two of the same story, where... Continue Reading →

Vivid       something vivid in them   Those scintillating almond-shaped eyes,  hiding beneath your voluminous lashes have something vivid in them. Just an eye contact with you makes me go weak in my knees. I can't stop thinking,... Continue Reading →

Your favorite pastry!

Jiggle It was her first night today, her wedding night. They had an arrange marriage. Entering that room full of flowers and their magnificent fragrance, she was a bundle of nervousness. He could see that. In fact just like him, she... Continue Reading →

Story: Why do you keep bringing the cauliflower?

Bizarre.. in a span of 7 years, this was the most unusual thing Vaidehi had encountered in his case. He had moved in with them right after the death of his beloved wife. She was well aware of her father-in-law's likes & dislikes... Continue Reading →

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Aware Modesty: the gentle art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it. -Oliver Herford

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